Meal menu

Traditional Old Bohemian cuisine and international cuisine.

Pork scratching spread, onion, 2x breadCZK 179
Pork scratching spread, onion, 2x breadCZK 179
Pickled Camembert in a pickle of spicy spicesCZK 179
Beer cheese with mustard, onionCZK 179
Tartare of raw beef with traditional garnish (prepared on your request), 5x toasted breadCZK 298
3x Toasted bread moreoverCZK 59

Hot appetizers

Grilled goat cheese with nuts, honey and rocket saladCZK 229
Grilled "Hermelín" cheese with cranberry sauce and rocketCZK 219
Fried Jalapenos with cheese, fried potato chips, mayonnaiseCZK 198
Fried beer battered onion rings, fried potato chips, mustard dipCZK 189
Mixed grilled sausages (two kinds), mustard, horseradishCZK 229
Typical czech special sausage „Talián“, horseradish, mustardCZK 219
Sausages roasted in dark beerCZK 198


Beef broth with meat and noblesCZK 89
Chef Jurajda’s goulash soupCZK 89

Meat from pan and grill

Lieutenant Duba’s grilled chicken wings in sweet chilli sauce, Fried potato chipsCZK 298
Chicken breast wrapped in english bacon, green beans. Recommended side dish: American potatoesCZK 298
Juicy grilled pork neck, mustard, horseradish, gherkin, hot pepperCZK 298
Pork Tenderloin sous vide in mushroom ragout Recommended side dish: Small potato pancakesCZK 398
Beefsteak with pepper sauce Recommended side dish: Steak friesCZK 564

Traditional Czech cuisine

Goulash according to military chaplain Katz, sprinkled with onion, hot pepper Recommended side dish: Bread dumplingsCZK 279
Mrs Müller’s ´home made roasted sirloin of beef with traditional Czech cream sauce Recommended side dish: Bread dumplings and Carlsbad dumplingsCZK 279
Smoked leg of pork, Leaf spinach / Recommended side dish: potato dumplingsCZK 279
Roasted pork pieces with white cabbage Recommended side dish: Variation of dumplingsCZK 279
Potato dumplings (2x) filled with smoked meat, garnished with onion and served with white and red cabbageCZK 279
Roast duckling (1/4) of Bohemian Forest country with apples, red cabbage Recommended side dish: Variation of dumplingsCZK 458
Chicken slices fried in breadcrumbs, recommended side dish: CroquettesCZK 298
Sergeant Major Vaněk’s fried pork escalope with a gherkin and lemon Recommended side dish: Baby potatoesCZK 328
Roasted knee of pork according to Lieutenant Cajthaml, mustard, horseradish, barbecue sauceCZK 489
Smoked pork ribs with barbecue sauce, garlic mayonnaiseCZK 489

Club sandwich

Chicken meat, bacon, egg, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, cheese Recommended side dish: French friesCZK 489


Beef-burger with tomatoes, egg, cheese, lettuce, onion, bacon and barbecue sauce Recommended side dish: Steak friesCZK 399
Vegetarian Burger with tomatoes, egg, cheese, lettuce, onion and barbecue sauce, recommended side dish: Batata French friesCZK 399

Specialities of the Head Chef

„Old bohemian pan, for 2 persons“ (chicken breast, pork neck, bacon – baked with cream, potatoes and cheese)CZK 1190
Vejvoda’s pan, for 4-6 persons (roasted pork knee in dark beer, 1/4 roasted duck with apples, smoked pork, ribs, grilled sausage, pork pieces, bread and potatoes dumplings, white and red cabbage)CZK 2890

Pasta and meatless dishes

Pasta with chicken and mushrooms in cream sauceCZK 298
Pasta Bolognese (beef ragout), cheeseCZK 298
Fried cheese with tatar and cranberry Recommended side dish: French friesCZK 259

Specialities of fish

Jareš the Water Bailiff’s filet of salmon with herb butter Recommended side dish: Baby potatoesCZK 468
Fish & chipsCZK 389

Large vegetable salads

Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheeseCZK 229
Mixed salad leaves with grilled goat cheese and beetrootCZK 298
Greek salad with olives and Balkan cheeseCZK 269
Caesar salad (ice-berg lettuce, anchovy dressing, croutons and cheese)CZK 269
- Grilled chicken meat to saladCZK 59
- Grilled salmon to saladCZK 95


Traditional Czech potato cones with poppy seeds and sugarCZK 209
Chocolate fondant (cake) with vanilla ice-creamCZK 198
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice creamCZK 179
Old Czech pieCZK 129
Apple pie with vanilla creamCZK 159
Delicious coconut ice cream with shredded coconut in a real coconut shellCZK 159
Lemon sorbetCZK 159

Side dishes - Sauces

French friesCZK 59
Small potato pancakesCZK 59
CroquettesCZK 59
Fried potato chipsCZK 59
American potatoesCZK 59
Baby potatoesCZK 59
Bread dumplingsCZK 59
Potatoes dumplingsCZK 59
Bread dumplings and Carlsbad dumplingCZK 59
Variation of dumplings, Bread dumplings, Potatoes dumplings and Carlsbad dumplingCZK 59
Carlsbad dumplingCZK 59
Toasted baguette with herb butterCZK 59
Green beansCZK 59
White cabbageCZK 59
Red cabbageCZK 59
Leaf spinach with garlicCZK 59
Mayonnaise/Tatar sauceCZK 59
Horseradish, mustardCZK 59
CranberriesCZK 59
ButterCZK 59
Grated cheeseCZK 59
BarbecueCZK 59
OlivesCZK 59
GherkinsCZK 59
Hot peppersCZK 59
Toasted bread moreover 3xCZK 59
Basket of BreadCZK 20
COUVERT CHARGE (bread and condiments) applies for main courses and saladsCZK 20
Meal can also be taken away in food boxCZK 20

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