Švejk restaurant

In a world overwhelmed by much information, the best-proven, ever-living symbols still work nowadays. In the Czech environment, we undoubtedly speak about Prague with the Hradčany panorama, the music of Antonín Dvořák or Leoš Janáček, as well as literature - Franz Kafka and Jaroslav Hašek, precisely said Good soldier Švejk.

The characteristic pictures of Josef Švejk from the famous painter Josef Lada were published together with a book in eighty countries of the world and they belong to world rarities. The spirit of the book and Švejk's character carry a mission that is still up to date: the ease can be found by peace and smile even in the middle of the stormy world, anywhere. Wherever, he is with us ... Švejk.

It is as well known as the fact that Švejk is connected with a quotation "good food, good drinking, the foundation of a good living ...". It is also known that if the gastronomic project wants to be successful today, it is necessary to combine it with an idea and an atmosphere that will make it unique and thus business perfect. The entire theater performance, called the restaurant's operation, takes place in the backdrop of the "good and old Austria-Hungary area", according to the franchising concept of the script, which cannot disappoint you at all. Peace and ease, excellent Czech cuisine including recipes chosen from the "grandmother's box" are the main trumps of this performance, which is usually sold out.

Indeed, it is clear from European surveys that the most important thing to visit a restaurant is the atmosphere nowadays. In our case, it is today an idealized "nice smell" of the beginning of the century, at which end we stand these days. The solid wood furniture handmade with precision is also a great help. Its stylization in the Old Prague Art Nouveau is complemented by everything what is needed for this kind of the restaurant: stylish bar stools, period stained glass, hand carved motifs, stylish beverage glass, porcelain and cutlery. Of course, our staff are dressed in the same style.

The uniqueness of the "Old Prague Švejk Restaurant" project includes "Švejk" pictures, figures, gastronomic and pub motifs made by Mr. Lada. It is essential that our company owns worldwide exclusive rights to use these pictures in our restaurants.

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